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An audience member puts on the boxing shorts and has a go against an Unlicensed fighter – it didn’t last long! From a Mean Machine Promotions Show. Footage supplied by Liam Galvin & Yvette Rowland [More]
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quick video on how to build a heavy bag stand in your home without attaching it to ceiling joists where the people upstairs might not like you to much,lol
It was a year of tremendous boxing action on Showtime. Let the Imagine Dragons take you through all of the best moments.
Proudly sponsored by EpiPeppi.com. Check them out and get yours today! http://carefast.com/epi-peppi Jeff Mayweather takes on Chris Vito for the third time in their epic rivalry. As they support the Independent Senior Foundation in this [More]
LIVE Battleground Asia Preview: Vijender vs Zulipkar (India vs China) No. 1 boxer in India ,Vijender Singh will battle the no.1 boxer in China, Zulpikar Maimaitiali at Battleground Asia in Mumbai on Saturday. The winner [More]