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NBC LITTLE BIG SHOTS 9yr old identical Twin boxers-trainer’s out of Philadelphia Go fund link 👇👇
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6 year old future boxing stars Roofy a.k.a. Chupacabra and Little Ray sparring at S.A. Boxing Gym in Haines City, FL. Both these young talented kids fight there little hearts out and displaying their great [More]
Muhammad Ali is at his funniest with this rare clip. Ali boxes this 3 year old boy and takes shot after shot. Ali takes the count but gets a kiss from the kid at the [More]
welcome in my youtube channel : hoy motivation. In this video you Will see Incredible Kids saadvakass and others kids training MMA, Boxing, karate, Taekwando أطفال خارقون يتدربون فن الكاراتيه و التايكواندو و الملاكمة الأمريكية
T.E.A.M. Boxing Saturday sparring session with (7yr.old) Chris Jr., (9yr.old) Paul Jr. and (9yr.old) Elijah
Muay Thai Training: 11 year old kids training boxing sparring for Muay Thai. Yodsangeng [red] and Yodsanpetch [blue] -Trained by Nungubon SitLerchai preparing for their upcoming Muay Thai fights at SitNungubon Gym with some boxing [More] BRUTAL KO! – DAPPER LAUGHS GETS KNOCKED OUT IN FIRST EVER SPARRING SESSION / BOXING FOR HEROES