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Joseph Parker’s fight uniform for his title defence against Razvan Cojanu arriving in his Auckland hotel. WBO Champ to wear a $10,000 uniform, which includes crystals, suede and python skin to the ring tomorrow night.
Vicious 3rd Round TKO by Chris Torina ( black trunks ) fighting out of State College Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing……Representing Fist 2 Fist–product-4165 TOP TEN boxing trunks are made of a new, ultra-light polyamid material. This material, with small TOP TEN logos embossed on all pants and shirts, is light resistant which guarantees a cool fit.
This is a pair of Everlast boxing trunks autographed by the greatest, Muhammad Ali. You can view more about this product here – The heavy weight champ’s excellent quality signature is backed by our [More]
Store: Conor McGregor is a free agent for athletic apparel going into the Mayweather fight. When Floyd and Manny fought, Floyd got a million dollars each from 3 brands putting their names on his [More]
Down for the first time been beaten four times abdominal. Down for the second time been beaten once more. The end of the game.
When the champ Steve Molitor called us to design a pair of boxing trunks for his World Title fight, our shop went into a flurry of action to get him to look his best. Here [More]
More Info: RDX introduces the evolutionary Ultimate Advance Boxing Shorts. The RDX ultra-successful Boxing shorts make their latest evolution with the fight shorts. To borrow a much used modern phrase “it is fit for [More]
The kid in the blue trunks put boxing gloves on for the first time ever only three weeks prior to this fight. The kid in the red trunks was the reigning “fight night” champion 2 [More]