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ALL 6 OF MIKE TYSON LOSSES 1) Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas 2) Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield x2 3) Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis 4) Mike Tyson vs Danny Williams 5) Mike Tyson vs [More]
Quite simply the 20 most terrifying knockouts in boxing history. Featuring look-away-now knockouts from Tyson, Foreman, Mercer, Tua, Jackson and many many more!!! Subscribe for the latest Top 10’s, Promo’s, Series & Tributes. YOUTUBE: [More]
Honorable Mentions: Sonny Liston vs Albert Westphal Matthew Saad Muhammad vs Lotte Mwale Gerry Cooney vs Ken Norton Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman Sugar Ray Robinson vs Rocky Graziano Top 20 Most Brutal Knockouts Of [More]
** NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ** Follow me on Facebook – Support me on Patreon – Highlights of the epic fight between two legendary heavyweight champions, Muhammad Ali and Big George Foreman! Known [More]
TICKETS TO OUR MAIN SHOW – New world record at WCMMA 14 on march 15th warrior challenge Troxy London It was a semi-pro/amateur event. The fight/KO is explained in detail here Name- Micheal [More]
Snapping necks and cashing cheques! Mike Tyson was a bad man with a brutal highlight reel to prove it. Boxing Legends TV counts down the Top 10 Angriest Mike Tyson Knockouts. 1) Mike Tyson vs [More]
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Part 2 WATCH ALSO 10 BOXERS WHO GET ktfo after taunting Have you seen this hilairous moments of George Foreman and Mike Tyson in the ring?