This is a tutorial by Kru Vivek Nakarmi, Head Instructor at Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts, on wrapping your hands from an angle that allows you to follow along seamlessly. Please note this style of hand [More]
Handwraps used: Learn more about boxing here: If you wish to see more or to ask questions follow me here. Instagram:pavelyk This is a video on how to tie your hand wraps [More] / 30 Day Free Trial / 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you want to learn how to actually tape a fighters hands for a fight, go to and put your e [More]
Update: For those wondering, I provided a link to hand wraps similar to the ones in the video. This video demonstrates how to wrap your hands with long 180″ hand wraps for our kickboxing [More] – for more FREE BOXING TIPS! – Learn HOW TO BOX in 10 Days – ADVANCED footwork & punching power techniques – get strong and LOSE WEIGHT (for more detailed [More]